Highway 417:

Construction on Highway 417 shall be staged using a general two-staged outside / inside (median) construction approach and will maintain three lanes of traffic in each direction on Highway 417 during peak weekday periods in all stages of construction, except during the median work stage between Bronson Avenue and Kent Street. During this median stage in 2024, eastbound Highway 417 will be reduced to two travel lanes during the summer months, when traffic volumes are lower, to allow the Contractor to complete the median work in this area.

Throughout construction there will be both short and long term Highway 417 Ramp closures and City of Ottawa local street closures to accommodate the construction of the new bridges.

In addition, Highway 417 traffic will be impacted by the following closures:

An 82-hour full closure of the Highway 417 starting on a Thursday night at 8:00pm and re-opening by 6:00am Monday morning for each of the five bridge replacements.

Advance signage will be in place two (2) weeks prior to each ramp, road or highway closure to advise motorists of the upcoming closure event.  During each closure event, detour signage will be in place to direct motorists along the designated detour route(s).

City of Ottawa streets:

Traffic on City of Ottawa streets will be impacted by the following:

  • The addition of detoured Highway 417 traffic along designated routes during the various Highway 417 full closures and ramp closures noted above;
  • Pre- and post-RBR construction operations involving lanes reductions on the City streets at each bridge site;
  • Lane reductions on City streets for retaining wall work;
  • Construction traffic access/egress onto City streets at construction staging areas and work zone access/egress locations at multiple locations for the duration of construction;