The project involves replacement of the existing Highway 417 eastbound and westbound rigid-frame bridges at Preston Street, Rochester Street, Booth Street, Bronson Avenue and Percy Street using Rapid Bridge Replacement (RBR) methodology; as well as operational improvements and noise barrier replacements. In general, the project includes the following work:

  • Preparation of the construction staging areas associated with the construction of each of the replacement bridges within these areas;
  • In-place demolition of the existing bridges, including excavation of the existing bridge approaches to accommodate the rapid bridge replacement;
  • Transport of the bridges from the construction staging areas to the bridge sites using Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs) – all bridges to be moved with SPMTs;
  • Building demolition at 458 Catherine Street;
  • Replacement of 4.5 km of existing noise barriers from Island Park Drive to Kent Street and construction of 860 m of new noise barriers under the Noise Barrier Retrofit Program within the same limits;
  • Rehabilitation / replacement of existing retaining walls from Island Park Drive to Kent Street;
  • Construction of related works, including roadside barriers, pavement rehabilitation, drainage improvements, modifications to illumination/ATMS, and site restoration including landscaping, as required; and
  • Improvements to the Bronson Avenue Interchange including lengthening of the westbound on-ramp and eastbound off-ramp; re-alignment of Chamberlain Avenue; drainage improvements; traffic signals and associated roadway illumination; and, site restoration including landscaping, as required.

Construction on Highway 417 shall be staged using a general two-staged outside / inside (median) construction approach and will maintain three lanes of traffic in each direction on Highway 417 during peak weekday periods in all stages of construction, except during the median work stage between Bronson Avenue and Kent Street. During this median stage in 2024, eastbound Highway 417 will be reduced to two travel lanes during the summer months, when traffic volumes are lower, to allow the Contractor to complete the median work in this area.

Throughout construction there will be both short and long term Highway 417 Ramp closures and City of Ottawa local street closures to accommodate the construction of the new bridges.

Construction began in spring 2021.

It is anticipated that construction work for this project will be completed by December 2025.